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· Current Enrollment

It is pleasing to note that the learner enrollment has

increased from 302 learners to 376 learners from 2012-2013. As from January 2014, the learner roll is likely to increase to above 400 learners provided the new post establishment posts are filled in.

· Admission Criteria

Learners are admitted from age 5 and discharged at 21 years provided they are benefiting from the programs being run at school. Otherwise they will be discharged at 18 years. Referrals for admission of learners with special needs are accepted only if the learners are aged between 5-15 years with reference to the school’s admission policy. These are the breakdown for the admissions;

· Grade R is inclusive: 5-7 years

· Junior Phase 1: 7-9 years

· Junior Phase 2: 9-10 years

· Intermediate Phase 1: 11-12 years

· Intermediate Phase 2: 12-14 years

· Senior Phase: 15-18 years

· Adaptation Phase: 18-21 years

· Admission Procedure and Documents Required

The admission of learners with special needs at Tshegofatsong is a process that is in four steps;

· Submission of the following Documents:

· Learner Birth certificate

· Previous School Term Report

· Learner Clinic Card for Immunisation

· ID of parent/Guardian

· Any Psychologist’s Report, Previous medical Records, Therapists Report if AVAILABLE.

· The school will issue the parent/Guardian a SAMS application and the Medical Doctor’s report form to complete at school.

· The learner shall then be booked for Occupational Therapy Evaluation. An Occupational Therapy Evaluation report shall be issued to the parent/guardian and the referring school as feedback.

· From the evaluation reports, if the learner is a candidate for Tshegofatsong Special School, the referring school is obliged to issue Tshegofatsong Special School a GDE 450 Form and a SNE form for the learner. The referring school working in liaison with the Learner Support Educators (LSEs) are responsible for applying for an LSEN Number from the Gauteng Department of Education for the learner.


· Upon completion of the admission process, the Learner will be admitted if space is available.