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Tshegofatsong Special School started in 1989. It is the only special school for  Learners with special educational needs in Mamelodi/Pretoria East. The school caters for the severely mentally challenged learners from four and a half years to twenty one years. In addition to mental disability, these learners also have multiple disabilities e. g physical, visual problems, hearing impaired, Autism, ADHD and behavioral problems etc. These learners are not spared from communicable diseases such as H I V/AIDS/T.B and etc.

Classes are organized according to the age and needs of the learners. The school has a management team (SMT) which is responsible for the management of the school. The School Governing Body (SGB) is responsible for the governance of the school. In order to address learners special educational needs, we provide a balanced adapted curriculum which is based on the Revised National l Curriculum Statement (RNCS). RNCS has emphasis on developing the learners ‘communication and inter – action skills and vocational skills. The school also provides stimulation programmes and functional programme for the learners.

As of June 2010, there are 240 learners on roll who come from lower to lowest socio – economic class. About 90% of learners come from the informal settlement and most of their parent s are unemployed, hence, malnutrition is prevalent.


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