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Networking Partners

· Pretoria Sunrise Club: So much has been done by Pretoria Sunrise Rotary Club to Tshegofatsong School and other surrounding

· surrounding schools. Books for the literacy program, therapeutic assistive devices, setting up of a bridging class, learning and teaching materials for the bridging class. The club has donated wheelchair to a needy child at Tshegofatsong Special School. Blankets, shoes and library books were donated to Tshegofatsong special school learners and learners from the following surrounding schools; Mononong, Tlakukani, Mveledzo.

· Republic of Czech Embassy: What a blessing to have republic of Czech involved in our school activities! The school received a donation of bead work materials and equipment, woodwork materials and equipment to upgrade the two projects. Currently the two projects are operating smoothly generating income. Woodwork and beadwork projects are being upgraded to a level where they become self sustaining.

· Mamelodi PUTCO Community Trust: Candle making materials and candle making machine donation came from Mamelodi PUTCO Community Trust. This project is focused on train the trainer in candle making project and to create jobs for the learners with special needs who may not be employable in the open labour market. Young adult learners and senior phase learners are engaged in candle making project.

· Mamelodi Community Trust (UK): Tshegofatsong special school sew itself introducing poultry project to be run by young adult learners. Mamelodi Community Trust funded the construction of the poultry run and the rearing of the chickens (broilers and layers). There are 4 young adult learners working in the poultry project and 2 parents helping them. So far there is egg production and meat production at school for consumption by learners and some for sale to generate income.


· Local Business Sector (Dr Oneni, Pastor, Joan Ramakgoshi), local Church Organisations (I Can Foundation, Roman Catholic), surrounding Community, University of Pretoria and Other Government Departments (SASSA, Department of Health and Social Development etc) are the school’s other networking stakeholders.