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Tshegofatsong school offers two meals per day to all learners and these meals are free, no charges. Meals are also provided during school trips and excursion. Balanced diet is prepared for learners.

- Those learners who need special diet, have to bring their food from home. They eat their packed food during break time and lunch time, when all learners are eating.

- Meals from the school are served from the kitchen to learners in their classes.

- Educators carry out an intensive supervision of learners during break and lunchtimes. Each educator supervises all the learners in their classes.

- The school meals are prepared by the general assistants and these are supervised by the school Nurse/O.T

- The meal ingredients are bought from the school’s budget(Gov – Subsidy)

- Meals supplements are donated from :

Pick n Pay Retail Shop (once a week)

Rotary – Provides food and bread once a week


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